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Living in a house, which has asbestos-containing materials (ACMs), is something that can be quite discouraging. If you are interested to find out how ACMs can endanger your life and how you can keep protected from them, keep reading this article and check out what kind of information you can get.

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The story behind ACM presence in Australian properties

ACM is often used in many products, such as in fencing, flooring sheets, fibro cement, and roofing products. ACM was extensively used since it’s cheap and durable against heat and high temperature. Its great physical properties made ACMs a good choice in the construction industry.

Due to these reasons, a lot of buildings in Australia contain this dangerous mineral. Approximately, this carcinogenic material contaminates thousand of houses throughout Australia. 3,000 types of ACMs have been identified in those buildings.

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How to deal with contaminated roofing products?

A contaminated building, either it’s a home, commercial property, or industrial premise, is considered dangerous because it can risk people who live or work in the buildings to fibre exposures. However, the hazard only exists when a contaminated material is damaged or when it starts showing degradation signs. In such events, the ACM will release a huge amount of fibre that can be easily inhaled by human.

One of the contaminated products that is considered risky is a product placed outdoors, like a roofing material. An ACM roof can degrades over time, becomes friable, and generate fibres into the air. Though it looks undamaged, the surface can be slowly eroded by the rain or snow. Thus, resulting in a decreased bonding strength between the material and the fibres.

You can choose one of these three ways to manage a contaminated roof, and they are:

  • Encapsulation: This option is considered as the cheapest solution for ACM roofs. It works by applying some sealants to the roof surface. This special sealant will prevent the fibres from being airborne. Thus, it will increase the bonding strength between the fibres with the roofing material better than before.
  • Over-cladding: Over-cladding often cost more than encapsulation. It works by installing a new roofing material above the contaminated one. The new non-fibrous layer will provide a higher protection to the ACM layer from any weathering disturbance. However, the installation process may involve drilling through the contaminated roof. Without a safe procedure, the installation may cause the release of the fibres into the air and create a wider contamination area.
  • Complete removal: Though this last choice is quite costly, you’ll get your piece of minds once all threats have been removed from your place. An asbestos roof removal Sydney service will help you to solve your problem once and for all.

More about fibrous roofs here:

  1. City of Sydney – www.cityofsydney.nsw.gov.au
  2. NSW government – www.lgnsw.org.au

Getting the right help 

Aware of the threat, the carcinogenic products need to be removed by those who have the permit to handle ACMs properly. If you intend to do the job yourself, you will not only risk yourself to the fibre exposure but will also face a heavy penalty that can be up to $6,000 (for individual) or $30,000 (for a corporate breach).

An asbestos roof removal Sydney project is a specialised work. Skills and specialised equipment are necessary to ensure a safe roof removal process. The easiest way to ensure a proper handling is by hiring a licensed removalist.

A professional removalist who has a valid license has gone through an extensive training and has the experience in handling a safe remediation work. Therefore, the person will know what to do, while at the same time keeping you protected during the removal project.

Why should it be a licensed contractor who is allowed to do the job?

There are several advantages that you can get if you hire professional removalist:

  1. They can keep you safe: ACM roof removal is a tough job to do. A contractor must maintain a safe working environment, both for the workers and also for you, as the client. Thus, a licensed removalist will strive to deliver the project in the safest manner possible.
  1. They know what they are doing: ACM remediation works are complex and need specialised knowledge and experience to manage the work in the most secure way. They acquire a set of skills, experience, equipment and other safety kits necessary to do all jobs in the best way, in agreement with safe work guidelines and government regulations.
  1. Comprehensive services to fulfil your needs: They value the urgency of a well-prepared and secure asbestos roof removal Sydney procedure. They also customise their timetable to meet your needs.

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Other supporting services

A comprehensive plan is required to ensure that the fibrous material is removed once and for all. Below are other services that may come in handy to achieve a successful remediation process:

  • Asbestos consultant – If this is your first time to handle an ACM problem and you don’t know what to do, you can get a licensed consultant to get some advice and recommendation for your issues.
  • Asbestos removal Sydney – If you want to make your property clean from fibrous materials, this service will help you to remove, dispose, and decontaminate your property from them.
  • Asbestos testing – any building material, which is suspected of containing asbestos, must be treated as it’s an ACM. A licensed assessor may perform a sampling and testing procedure during the inspection process for further analysis. Some samples should be collected, put inside locked bags and labelled. Afterwards, those samples will be identified via an approved lab. You’ll get a full report of asbestos types and the amount of contamination that have occurred in your premises.
  • Asbestos management plan – If you live in a contaminated building, you are required by the government to obtain a control plan to manage the contamination level before a remediation process is carried out. You’ll also get an updated asbestos register document after all of the contaminants are removed.
  • Emergency repair – When an accident occurs, or a storm hit your home and damage the ACM, you can call for to get an emergency repair.
  • Air monitoring – The service is important when a removal work is being performed. While the work is in progress, the fibres can go airborne and contaminate the surrounding air. An air monitoring will ensure that the contamination will not go beyond the safe level.
  • Demolition – Sometimes, an asbestos removal project alone is not enough to completely remove fibrous materials from your property. Therefore, you need to demolish the whole building safely.
  • Soil remediation – an improper ACM removal will lead to a wider contamination to the surrounding area, including the ground. If ignored, the fibres will go deep into the ground and contaminate the ground water, which can become a greater problem for the public. This service offers an answer for the problem.

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We aim to provide safety and protection for you, your family, and your building occupants. Our supported B-class contractors are dedicated in providing high quality roof removal services at value costs. Over the years, they have met the expectations of all clients by delivering satisfactory results.

They offer a comprehensive service ranging from the identification of fibrous materials in your roofs, management plan assessment, to a full removal of the roofing materials. Our certified specialists can assess the presence of fibrous materials in your roofs and determine actions need to be taken to eliminate them.

The answer for your ACM roof problems is just a decision away. Contact one or more of our endorsed contractors to make sure that asbestos roofing materials are fully removed from your building. Our contractor members offer 100% free quotes for you!

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