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The Ultimate Guideline for Your Asbestos Removal Sydney Project

Finding an asbestos containing material (ACM) can be quite frustrating. When a building is contaminated by ACMs, there’s a high possibility that the occupants are exposed to asbestos fibres. The exposure, particularly for an extended period, can lead to severe health disorders such as mesothelioma and lung cancer.

Due to their danger, now is a good time to start raising your awareness and start handling ACMs in a safe way. So that you will not get any harm from fibre exposure. You’ll never know if you have been exposed to the fibres unless the initial symptoms of an “asbestos-related disease” (ARD) have shown. In this stage, the life expectancy of the sufferer is only 6 to 12 months.

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However, an ACM is not something that we should fear. There are many ways to deal with this deadly fibre without harming yourself or other people from the risk of exposure. Hiring an expert can help you to carry out the remediation process in a safe manner and in accordance with the government regulations.

Find out more about fibrous materials by accessing the links below:

  1. City of Sydney – www.cityofsydney.nsw.gov.au
  2. Safe Work – www.safework.nsw.gov.au

Why should I call an expert?

Though you are allowed to perform an ACM removal work, it’s only for bonded ACM with less than 10 square metres in size. While the removal of friable ACMs, which can be crushed easily, must be performed by someone who has a proper certification, extensive training, and experience in asbestos removal Sydney industry. In spite of the rules, it’s HIGHLY RECOMMENDED that you hire a licensed removalist to remove the contaminated materials that exist in your property.

What about an ACM testing? Can I do it myself?

You can do it yourself with DIY testing kits, but you are advised to not do the test yourself. Here are the reasons why you MUST NOT DO it yourself:

  • The testing kit package contains standard personal protective equipment and some plastic bags for sampling purposes. The PPE can be insufficient to filter the deadly fibres from entering your respiration system.
  • An ACM can be installed anywhere at your premise; such as at your roofing, fencing, or fibro sheeting products. But, it will be difficult to find hidden ACMs without disturbing their presence.
  • A microscopic analysis can only be done by a licensed assessor via a NATA approved lab.
  • A misconduct procedure can lead to the release of fibres into the air. Thus, it will create a wider area of contamination.

Since this testing job is the preliminary work for a removal process, it would be better to leave it to the professionals. Therefore, you’ll get an accurate result to ensure that all contaminated materials at your premise have been identified.

What is actually the complete removal process that should be taken to decontaminate a premise?

Well, you’d better keep reading this article!

Asbestos removal Sydney protocols

A remediation project of a contaminated house is conducted in several stages. Each phase is important to maintain a secure environment until all contaminants are removed from the area.

1. On-site inspection

As mentioned above, this step is very important to identify all ACMs that may present in your property. From the information gathered in this process, the removalist will create a removal plan that suits with the ACM condition there.

2. Removal

The process will involve some safety equipment and machinery to ensure the removal work doesn’t release any fibres into the air.

3. Waste disposal

After all the ACMs have been removed from your building, it’s time to wrap them up in a thick plastic bag and sealed them tightly. The waste is now ready to be transported to a disposal facility, which can accept such contaminated waste.

4. Decontamination

This step is being done to ensure that there isn’t any ACM residue remains on-site.

5. Clearance check

This is considered as the last step. If the building has passed a clearance inspection, the property is considered to be free from ACM contamination. The result of the final inspection is also necessary to create an asbestos register document.

How about the cost of hiring a licensed removalist?

Since every asbestos removal Sydney project is unique, you should ask for quotation to the service provider to get estimated fix prices. You can follow these following simple steps to get the right price for your project:

  1. Choose multiple contractors
  2. Describe your situation in detail
  3. Choose the best quote from all prices that are given by the contractors
  4. Start the remediation process

Other services

Depends on the situation, you can get other services for your ACM problems:

1. Asbestos testing Sydney: This service is often necessary to identify some building parts that are suspected of containing the deadly fibres. The analysis, which is conducted in an accredited lab, will provide a comprehensive report such as the ACM type and the level of contamination occurred in an area.

2. Asbestos management plan: The service is mainly to provide a good control plan for a contaminated building. This document is made to get a clear guideline on how to interact with ACMs in a property.

3. Asbestos roof removal: The name explains itself. The service is meant to remediate a contaminated roof in a secure way without harming the occupants from the risk of exposure.

4. Emergency repair: When an accident or a natural disaster has damaged an ACM in a property, the fastest way to handle the situation is by using this service.

5. Air monitoring: An air monitoring is necessary to monitor the contamination level of the fibres when a remediation work is being carried out.

6. Soil remediation: A contaminated property, which is demolished to the ground, has a high chance to contaminate the soil as well. This service is designed to clean the soil from any fibre contamination.

7. Demolition: If a building is fully contaminated by ACMs, a demolition would be considered as the last resource. However, since it involves hazardous materials in the process, it’s highly recommended to use this service instead of hiring a common demolisher.

8. Consultancy: The consultant can provide you with some advice and recommendation regarding your problem. If you have no idea what to do when you find your place has been contaminated by ACMs, you should consider this service.

How to find the service providers?

The service providers are easy to find. However, you must be aware that not all of them have what it takes to deliver an excellent quality service. There are several things you must take into consideration before you decide to hire a certain removalist. But if you want to skip all the trouble in finding the right contractor, why don’t you try Clear Asbestos Removal Sydney?

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