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Asbestos Management Plan Sydney: Protect Your Employees and Family

There is a rising concern in NSW regarding asbestos threats since less than half of the state councils have asbestos management plans in place. Without a sound AMP in place, there is no guarantee that workers and the community are safe from the risk of fibre exposure.

Naturally occurring asbestos is present in about 1% of the state. – ABC

Asbestos is a naturally occurring mineral, which was massively mined a long time ago. Its strength and low-cost prices made it popular for various applications, especially in the construction industry.

Along with its beneficial properties, fibrous material also has negative effects. Some of earlier studies found that this material could affect human health. When being disturbed or damaged, the material can release hazardous fibres which can becomes airborne.

Fibres can enter the body when being inhaled. They can also lodge within our lungs for a long time. The fibres are dangerous since they can puncture the internal linings of the lungs.

asbestos management plan Sydney

Fibre exposure can cause asbestos-related diseases (ARD) such as lung cancer, pleural disorders, and mesothelioma. A person who is diagnosed with an ARD has a small life expectancy, which is 6 to 12 months. Nevertheless, an early disease identification and proper treatment can provide a higher survival possibility.

But, it would be far much better if you take preventive measures before the fibre contamination is worsening and starts taking victims.

Manage the threat with a sound management plan

An AMP can help protect your family and employees. It can help you to maintain present ACMs within your property and also help you to manage the risk of exposure. However, ACM contamination cases are different from location to location. Therefore, it’s crucial to design an AMP that suits the condition of your building.

In summary, the plan will be created by following the steps below:

  • Initial investigation
  • Firstly, you need to know what kind of threat exists in your building. To do an accurate inspection, all you need is hiring a person who has the right certification and skills. A licensed assessor will identify all ACMs installed at your premise such as in fencing, roofing, and wall sheeting products. They will also analyse ACMs that may be hidden in the building structures.
  • The first step of the identification process is by conducting a history check of your property. An asbestos register is a useful resource to find out whether fibrous materials exist in your property or not.  But, if you haven’t got such document, you should better make one because the regulations require every property in Australia, especially the old ones, to have this document. Or else, the homeowner will face a heavy penalty for endangering people’s health.
  • Sampling and testing
  • When necessary, the assessor will take some samples for further analysis. This is usually needed when some materials are suspected for containing the hazardous mineral. The samples taken will be put inside locked bags and labeled. Then the samples will be sent to a NATA approved lab for advanced identification. The assessor will then send a final report to you that inform you about the presence of fibrous materials at your premise.
  • Risk assessments
  • Risk assessment is a vital resource to create a comprehensive asbestos management plan Sydney. Results from the risk assessments will be used to determine control measures required to clear your building from any ACM.

Other services that may be needed are:

  • Demolition
  • Emergency repair
  • Soil remediation
  • Air monitoring
  • Consultant

WARNING: DO NOT ATTEMPT TO DO A DIY REMOVAL JOB. Working with ACMs, especially the friable one, without proper knowledge, methods, and the right equipment and kits will only risk you to the fibre exposure. A licensed removalist will handle everything from the initial inspection, removal, disposal, to the clearance inspection with no fuss.

What’s included in asbestos management plan Sydney services?

As mentioned before, an asbestos management plan Sydney must be made to ensure that your building occupants are safe from the risk of exposure. An AMP can give insights on the existence of fibrous materials at your premise and also how to manage them safely. This AMP is also vital to raise people awareness to ACM dangers.

Due to this purpose, a good asbestos management plan Sydney has to include information such as:

  • Identification result of ACM presence within the premises, including the product type, the location where it’s found, date of identification, and other supporting information that can be used to locate the ACMs.
  • Choice of action and reasons underlying the decision making process.
  • Emergency procedures, along with the person who is responsible for performing the control measures.
  • Updated information, especially about the current condition of the ACMs.
  • Regular review every five years or as requested by the Health and Safety officer or in any event where the ACMs may be disturbed or when the plan is no longer suitable for the current condition.
  • Adequate knowledge and training obligations for those who directly works with the contaminated products.

Home Page Infographic - asbestos management plan Sydney

The AMP must be accessible to everyone in the premises or the representatives from the Health and Safety Department.

Who has the responsibility to obtain this AMP?

A person who is responsible for the building maintenance must keep an AMP and asbestos register. These documents have to be placed in a location that is accessible to everyone, especially those who spend most of their time in the area.

However, the register may not be required if the property:

  • Was built after December 31, 2003
  • Hasn’t been identified to contain fibrous materials before, and
  • Is not likely to contain fibrous materials

The Work Health and Safety Regulation 2011 stated that if a homeowner or a building manager fails to obtain an asbestos management plan Sydney document, he may get a penalty of maximum $6,000 (for individual) and $30,000 (for a corporate).

Nevertheless, you should not consider making a register and AMP just because you are afraid of the hefty fine. Instead, creating a sound AMP is a good way to protect yourself, your workers, tenants, and also the environment.

Further readings:

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