8 Tips To Create Your Perfect bathroom

Everyone defines the concept of his or her dream bathroom differently. However, if you follow a few basic rules, you can make the most of every little or dark bathroom. A bathroom becomes a cosy place when it reflects individuality and is inviting. Designing a bathroom is made easy: Although you can let off the steam of creativity while designing it. However, it is always important to remember that the bathroom should primarily fulfil the functional purposes and should be in line with the overall appearance of the house or apartment. We’ll tell you how you combine all that.



1. Bathroom Ideas & Inspirations:

From modern to classic, from eclectic to minimalist: lots of sources offer countless inspirations and ideas for every taste. Once you see a sink or a vanity that you like, you can add the photo to your mood board. A mood board allows you to collect inspirations, and you can add or remove new ideas at any time. So you have all your bathroom ideas at a glance!


2. How do I design my bathroom?

There are different styles to set up a bathroom. Since the room should reflect not only functionality but also individuality, it is essential to question one’s own personality. Then you can make decisions about the wall colour, the floor covering or the furniture. For example, would you like to put on bright colours or rather calm tones? If you want to design a tailor-made bathroom, you must first know exactly which requirements and purposes it should be fulfilled. How much storage space is needed? Should the shower screen be primarily modern or practical and easy to clean? Of course, different requirements can be combined.


3. Which colour do I need to choose for the bathroom?

Before deciding on the colour of doormats or towels, you should be aware of the concept of the bathroom. Which colours will the floor have, should a wall be painted and how big is the room? Even in the bathroom, colours can bring different effects. While cream colours make the bathroom beautiful and comfortable, combined blue shades can provide an adventurous underwater flair. Also, the size of the bathroom plays a crucial role in the choice of colour. Dark or bright colours should be avoided in small bathrooms and used only for accessories or certain sections.


4. What kind of floor is perfect for my bathroom?

For the flooring in the bathroom, there are a variety of design options. Above all, a stone is a commonly used material in the bathroom – you can choose granite, marble or sandstone. Although tiles are particularly easy to care for, alternatives such as wood or concrete also have their charms: while wood flooring in the bathroom provides a warm and friendly atmosphere and keeps feet warm, concrete gives the bathroom a minimalist look. For which bathroom design you ultimately decide is, of course, a matter of taste, but you should always keep in mind that the floor should also fit the style of the rest of the house.


5. Which bathroom design suits me?

Whether modern, fancy or Mediterranean – the furnishing style reveals a lot about the character of each resident. Therefore, it is more important to know your own preferences exactly. Should the bathroom design be optically quiet, or rather become the secret highlight of the house? Do you want to experiment with materials or be set to classics? Colourful tiles on the wall or a sterile white environment? No matter which design you choose, it should always fit your personality. And because the furniture can have as many facets as the personality, you do not have to decide on just one style, but you can confidently combine several directions in the bathroom.



6. How do I decorate my bathroom?

There is no easier way to set accents than with accessories. Of course, in the bathroom, care should always be taken to ensure that the function is in the foreground. This weakness of a room can be concealed with the right bathroom decoration in the blink of an eye and put strengths in the scene. From shells to coloured soap to patterned curtains, there are plenty of decorative elements that can be used to beautify the bathroom – and with little effort.


7. Which lighting in the bathroom?

If you want to redesign your bathroom, you should not think too late about the subject of light. Aside from choosing cool or warm lighting in the bathroom, it’s crucial where lamps are installed. Since bathrooms are primarily functional in nature, luminaires should never be in the way. Therefore, it is advisable to use indirect lighting and integrate it inconspicuously into the wall, the floor, the ceiling or even the mirror.


8. To plan the bathroom

Before starting with the concrete planning of the bathroom, it should be considered how many and which people are likely to use the bathroom. Are barrier-free sanitary objects needed or should the washbasin be installed at a height that is accessible to children? There are now many clever solutions that can be adapted over time to the age and size of the inhabitants. The sophisticated bathroom planner of today has also already planned the location of the water pipelines, and possible outlets before the first sink or the floor tiles are selected. Another important point is the ventilation – especially in small rooms without windows. When planning the bathroom, it should always be borne in mind that the installations will prove themselves over the long term.


Renovating a bathroom

The renovation of the bathroom is always a budget issue. That’s why you should definitely think in advance how much you really want to change. Should only small blemishes be repaired or all tiles renewed? Especially to replace new bathroom furniture such as the shower, sink or toilet, can be expensive. If you want to avoid or postpone a complete refurbishment, even small jobs that can be done independently can make a positive impact on the overall picture – such as the replacement of a shower curtain with a shower screen or a new base unit for the washbasin. The light conditions in the bathroom can also significantly improve the atmosphere.

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