11 Simple House Renovating Ideas For a Little bit of Money

An idea for every budget!


Everything is new in springtime! We have some ideas on how to get the best out of your home. And this is fast and cheap!


1. Bring the world to your home

City trips or travelling to distant countries, we still dream every now and then like, right? You can get your place of desire with a detail-accurate photo-postcards home in a cheaper and faster way. You can now present the view of Paris, London or the South Sea on your wall.


Tip: You can even put any kind of images and photos in the desired format on wallpaper print.


2. Private exhibitions

Decoration is the icing on the cake. However, you do not have to go on an expensive shopping just to get a good decoration. Are you betting that you have a decoration that looks great and represents your personal desire? You can actually use the cover of your favourite book, family pictures, souvenirs, and arrange them on a shelf. Now, you have your private exhibition right in your living room


3. use existing items differently

You can cover the coffee table with plates, cups and bowls as you desire. But if you stack your porcelain cups, which is nicely placed to each other as etagere, will surprise your guests! You will be particularly delighted when you mix your dishes. By the way: Wine glasses emit refined lanterns.


Tip: Some double-sided adhesive tape between the dishes stabilises your tower.


4. Transform your bathroom into a comfortable area

Brushing your teeth, taking a shower and go. If you do not do much in your bath at the moment, you might want to make it charming. To do this, you need only a few homely companions like a table or a wooden bench, pictures and blossoming branches in stylish vases. Finished!


Tip: Instead of a sterile bathroom light or spots, a chandelier diffuses significantly more comfortable light.


5. Improve the mood

It does not have to be a new dining table with chairs. Sometimes it is enough to change only a small thing – and so to help the space atmosphere on the go. Light is enormously important: How about chic pendulums made of wood and glass? They fit into every living room, and your dining area looks modern and inviting.


6. Put everything in order

One problem that is always become a vexing subject: there’s too little space. But everywhere there are free wall surfaces, which you can use for small item storage or display. You’ll find it very helpful and it’s a huge solution to keep your magazines, newspapers or wine bottles placed in order. As an example, you can find a place on the wall to attach a leather loop, which is strengthened with screws and dowels.


Tip: Alternatively, braided boxes, fabric baskets and clamps can be used as hanging containers.



7. Think big

Sometimes the interior wisdom you have “less is more” should not be taken quite so literally. You may also consider plunging into the opposite: more is better. Do not be afraid of an extravagant carpet, perhaps even with a graphic pattern. Enjoy the transformation of your living room or hallway!


Tip: The wall carpet is back. Your favourite model also makes a good addition as a wallpaper substitute.


8. Furniture and their potentials

Pay only a piece of furniture and get five for free? That’s a good thing when you’re in multifunction investing. The task division saves not only money but also space. One of our favourites: the coat stand, also works as a mirror, shelf, shoe rack and hook strip.


Tip: Need more space? Then sew small pockets on a long piece of felt and hang the whole thing over the rungs at the back. But it’s practical to be hung at the door!


9. Divide the rooms elegantly

One room, several functions – we all know that idea. In order to design a room and to make it more cosy at the same time, you simply separate the respective areas with a decorative curtain.


10. Multi-purpose furniture

If you’re looking for furniture that can fit well in any room, it would be the side table. In a classic way, it stands by our side next to a couch or an armchair. Now, it also replaces the nightstand or the storage area in the entrance area. Sturdy units are fitted with a pillow on top as well to become a comfortable stool. Either as a standalone item or as a set, a side table is simply unbeatable!


Tip: Also ingenious idea you may want to choose is the modular shelves. They can be storage space, room divider or individually also couch table.


11. Treat yourself to an eye-catcher

Before you have the whole room covered with wallpapers, you may want to consider this: Would only one side of a wall be sufficient? A special effect can be achieved with alternate paths of the same patterns but in different colours. Nevertheless, keep your eyes on this important note: watch out for the repetition.

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