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The wave of asbestos keeps attacking Australia. Previous findings in a hospital in Perth and an office tower in Brisbane, have led to the intensify testing of 68 structures Australia wide. Life house building of Chris O’Brien NSW will be next to be checked for asbestos containing materials (ACMs).

Another finding was also found in an iconic structure, the Harbour Bridge, here in Sydney. During the removal of a tollbooth on the northern side, the construction workers revealed a small quantity of ACM beneath the concrete. A certified hygienist has checked it and stated that it has a low risk of exposure.

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In another location, some irresponsible people dumped a pile of ACM waste near an early learning center, in the west of Sydney. Earlier, the government has started an investigation after a tonne of contaminated waste was illegally dumped in Silverwater, Paramatta, Rydalmere, and Granville in just overnight.

People behind this illegal dumping can get an individual fine up to $1 million and/or seven years lock up behind the bars. The fine can go up to $5 million if the crime was committed by a company.

Though there are some people who don’t want to spend some money to dispose of the contaminated material waste in the right manner, the public needs to be aware that the issue is everyone’s responsibility. A holistic supervision from both the government and the community will reduce the chance for those who try to break the rules and put many lives in danger.

Despite the danger posed by the illegal asbestos dumpers, the public needs to be cautious with the danger, which asbestos possesses, to the wellbeing. Even though a report from the Australian Medical Journal stated that the rate of asbestos-induced cancer slowly decreases; the victims are still high from the toxic substance exposure in houses. A different pattern of the sufferer is now observed, which came previously from miners and builders who interact directly with the contaminant source to homeowners. The research of this phenomenon was mainly conducted by Arthur Musk, a researcher of Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital in Perth.

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Everyone has the same responsibility to keep the environment safe from ACM. What you need to do is to educate yourself. You probably can save many innocent lives just by sharing the knowledge.   Most importantly, Contact an expert to help you with asbestos removal and testing jobs.


The level of severity of the ACM can cause a high risk of exposure to the health, which can lead to death. Exposures in a long period of time can lead to many kinds of lethal diseases such as lung cancer, mesothelioma, pleural thickening, and asbestosis.

ACM fibres can enter the body through respiration process. Its strong nature will let the fibre puncture the internal organs that could create scarring. The progression of this scarring can go more than 10 years without any symptoms.

The case of Adam Sager is one good example that even a healthy young man can suffer from an asbestos-related disease. He was diagnosed with malignant mesothelioma at the age of 25. The initial exposure occurred when he was still 6 months old. This was due to an improper handling of ACM conducted by his parents. This incident is a valuable lesson why working with ACM must be handled by a licensed removalist.


The existence of this cancerous fibre material goes back in 1970s where it was massively used in all kind of structures because the cost was very cheap. Its durable strength against very high temperature was the common reason for the use of ACM; especially for those who need a material that has a heat resistant feature.

However, some studies in the 1990s discovered that ACM has negative effects on human’s health.   These findings then came to government’s decision to completely ban its use in 2003 Australia wide.

The national remediation program would take a tremendous effort as one-third of buildings across the continent are suspected to contain this dangerous substance. Through major programs in disposing the ACM from every house and commercial building in all regions, the government has a goal to achieve an Australia free of asbestos in 2030.

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Frankly, it is very hard to identify which material may be contaminated by the fibre. Even a professional can be tricked and come in a doubt in the process of ACM identification. So, there is no easy way to clearly check the presence of ACM just on your own.

However, you may get some clues whether you have asbestos in your property by following the tips below:

  • You can start by looking through the history of the building. A building made before the 1990s has higher possibility to contain this carcinogenic material.
  • Start checking the house certification and papers. What you need to seek is a certificate of the asbestos register. If you find this certificate, it can save your time to hire an assessor to investigate the house for contaminated building parts. Still, since the certificate can be expired after 5 years. So you may need to get a new one from a legal asbestos contractor.
  • If you can’t find any information about the house history, there is no other way but to call for professional help. Clear Asbestos removal Sydney should be on your speed dial for any of asbestos removal and testing project.

WARNING: NEVER TRY A DIY ATTEMPT WHEN DEALING WITH ACM, especially without the right procedure! A DIY identification using a testing kit is not always effective.


Clear Asbestos Removal Sydney is the best choice you can get for all your asbestos needs. Our endorsed removalists manage to deliver an asbestos-related project in the safest way according to proper guidelines released by the government and Safe Work.

We are a company who dedicate our services in the asbestos related industry. Our endorsed contractors have been fully accredited, have a full insurance coverage, are highly skilled, and equipped with adequate equipment.

We only cooperate with those who can fulfill our strict high standard. This is to give you an assurance that we can deliver the best service that in line with the safe work regulations.

There are various services offered in the industry. The services offered are as follows:

  • Asbestos Removal – a full removal of ACM out of your property. The service includes an effective and safe removal, disposal, and decontamination of asbestos wall sheeting, tiling, fencing, or another type of ACMs.
  • Asbestos Testing Sydney – Sampling and testing service to get a clear identification of suspected material that may contain ACM. The samples are put in tick bags and analyzed by an accredited lab.
  • Asbestos Roof Removal Sydney – a service that can help you remove any kind of asbestos roof sheeting in a proper way.
  • Asbestos Management Plan Sydney – Get a well-prepared management plan with our contractor’s help.
  • Asbestos Air monitoring – You can have the air monitored to identify whether dangerous airborne fibres exist or not within the property.
  • Asbestos Consultant – Don’t know where to start? Have your issues discussed with an expert. An on-site inspection may be required to provide you with a better advice and recommendation.
  • Asbestos Soil remediation – Decontamination of the ground. The service is often required after an ACM-contaminated building is demolished.
  • Asbestos Demolition – A good service to help you demolish contaminated buildings in the safest way.
  • Asbestos Emergency repair – Got your ACMs disturbed? Just use the emergency repair service.

Clear Asbestos Removal Sydney can provide you with an asbestos removal and testing, management plan, and roofing removal service at reasonable prices.


Assuming that your property is contaminated by any form of asbestos-related products, contact our members as soon as possible! A fast response team of our endorsed removalist will be at your door in a split second. With a B-class license, proper training, and extensive experience, they can serve you right from the very beginning of the work.

The process is as easy as 1…2…and…3. All you have to do is just jump to the contractor section in this website and choose the one that suits your needs, area, and budget.

Or, call our members RIGHT NOW and explain what you need. They will recommend the best solution for you.

Asbestos exposure can come anytime without you or your members of the family knowing it. ACT NOW before you live in regret!

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